Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 Vegetable Garden Notes

This year we planted Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Super Sweet 100 tomatoes, sweet banana peppers, chives, and basil.

Cherokee Purple: These didn't produce any ripe tomatoes until August. So if I planted them again, I'd make sure I plant some other kind like early girl too. They are pretty meaty and have a mild flavor. They seem to always have some green at the top, even when ripe. They also seem to produce a whole bunch at once instead of one or two at a time. So once again, good when you have other kinds of tomatoes too. I've had bugs eating these more than any other kind of tomato I've grown. Don't know if it is because of CT or the type of tomato.

Super Sweet 100: These are TALL. As in 8+ feet. They would be good to grow against a fence that you can tie them to. The tomatoes are good. Acidic and sweet. And they produce a lot. We have two plants and we are getting 6-10 tomatoes a day. Haven't really had any bug problems.

Sweet Banana: For some reason, these don't taste as good this year as they have in the past. They also haven't produced much. Before today we only got 2 peppers. Today we got about 7 more. So these may be better if planted in a dark colored pot where the soil can get hotter. But next time I'd rather plant a small yellow, red, or orange sweet pepper. These just aren't good to munch on. I've also had a lot of bugs eating the plants. Once the weather got hot, the plants grew better though. One of the peppers I picked today had bug holes in it, so the bugs are still around.

Basil: This has been great. We grew it in a pot and picked it from the top pretty frequently so it grew bushy. It was too much basil just to use in cooking, but not enough to make large amounts of pesto.

Chives: Grew them in the same pot as basil. They are doing great. Don't have much more to say about them.

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Bruce said...

Awwwww... I'm so glad you grew your namesake pepper: Sweet Banana! :)